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Why Import/Export a Mercedes?

Besides being a decidedly prestigious car maker, Mercedes Benz has also proven highly innovative. Some of the most impressive historical breakthroughs include developing the first hybrid vehicle, the PRE-SAFE pre-detection collision system, and being the first to incorporate the anti-lock braking system (ABS) in a production car.
Their “Best or Nothing” slogan is a testament to the high standards that the company adheres to when it comes to engineering and design. They have invested heavily in the research and development of both proactive and reactive safety features for all their models. Taking due consideration for the environment, their designs have become more fuel-efficient with fewer emissions. This is thanks to improved direct injection gasoline, hybrid, and electric engines.
The interior and exterior finishing of Mercedes Benz vehicles is highly refined, ensuring maximum comfort and elegant aesthetics. They offer a wide range of powerful models at various price points. From the highly popular and affordable C-Class sedans to their iconic off-road wonder, the G-Class wagon, this brand has something for everyone.
At Torque Consultants, we offer easy access to a wide variety of Mercedes Benz cars. We maintain ready stock of pre-selected models and facilitate the importation of any other options, including custom-built vehicles. We undertake the import of new and nearly new luxury vehicles for various showrooms and private individuals
While we predominantly stock and import right-hand drive (RHD) vehicles, we can also assist where the client prefers a left-hand drive (LHD) option. We also offer export services to those looking to transport a vehicle abroad. We maintain a global network of dependable shipping partners and a logistics department that can ensure the safe and efficient delivery of your car, anywhere in the world.